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African American Automotive Association Unveils the Reyana Lobban Memorial Scholarship Fund to Support Emerging Automotive Talent

New York, NY 2/11/23 - The African American Automotive Association (AAAA) is proud to announce the establishment of the Reyana Lobban Memorial Scholarship Fund, an initiative designed to propel high school seniors toward success in the automotive industry. This annual scholarship is dedicated to students interested in automotive-related fields, encompassing a wide array of disciplines, such as marketing, design, journalism, and photography, within the realms of trade schools, colleges, and universities.

Scholarship Overview:

In memory of Reyana Lobban, a vibrant high school student who was deeply rooted in the automotive world through her work at her family's Acura Parts Depot in Miramar, FL. Reyana's enthusiasm for cars was evident as she actively participated in local car meets and races, including events at the nearby drag strip. Her presence, marked by a contagious personality and bright smile, brought light to every gathering.

AAAA Founder Chris Harris fondly recalls, "Rey[ana]’s passion for cars was amazing. I remember a time she called me, hysterically crying because she got a bad parking spot at a major annual car show in South Florida. She knew I had a relationship with the promoter and wanted me to make a call. It's ironic because I always saw her with a gleaming smile on her face, but a bad parking spot at a car show brought her to tears. That story is a small glimpse into her dedication and love for the automotive scene. Rey was destined to make a significant impact in our industry."

Sadly, Reyana's promising journey was cut short when she passed away on Christmas morning in 2019, at the tender age of 19, while engaged in the automotive activities she loved. 

Application Criteria and Process:

Eligible candidates are required to submit an insightful essay that reflects on their automotive-related experiences and achievements, substantiated with evidence of their engagement in the automotive community. Furthermore, applicants must articulate their vision for the future of the automotive industry, highlighting the roles they wish to play and the contributions they intend to make.

A Word from the Founder:

Chris Harris, the founder of the African American Automotive Association, expressed his enthusiasm for the Reyana Lobban Memorial Scholarship Fund, noting, "This scholarship is more than just a financial grant; it's a beacon of hope and a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of automotive professionals. We're looking for individuals who not only have a passion for the industry but also possess the vision, passion, and determination to redefine its future, much like Rey did". 

Selection Process and Deadline:

This scholarship will annually award two ambitious high school seniors. They will be selected based on their passion for automotive culture, the clarity and feasibility of their future contributions to the industry, and the overall strength of their applications. Detailed information regarding the application deadline and process will be made available in the coming weeks.

About the African American Automotive Association:

The AAAA is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and growth within the automotive industry. Through initiatives like the Reyana Lobban Memorial Scholarship Fund, the AAAA aims to support individuals who exhibit the potential to lead and innovate in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.



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