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"The next frontier in representation is about who is making the decisions."

- Vanessa Kingori

African American Automotive Foundation

The African American Automotive Foundation is the 501c3 (non-profit) component of the African American Automotive Association. Funds donated will directly finance our various education programing and scholarships.


501c3 EIN: 99-1495621

The African American Automotive Association (AAAA) promotes diversity and inclusion in the automotive and motorsports industry. Our mission is to educate the world on the contributions of African-Americans to the industry, both past and present, and to provide resources and support for African American professionals and enthusiasts to advance their careers and deepen their passion for all things automotive. 

​From scholarship and internship opportunities to industry exposure and new curriculum development in schools, our association offers a range of resources and connections to support the growth and success of our supporters. 

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Christopher Harris | Founder

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The African American Automotive Association (AAAA) was created by Christopher Harris, the former African American Racers Association (AARA) Co-Founder. 

Chris' life's work has always been aligned with education and providing opportunities to others. His career in the motorsports industry exposed him to a severe lack of diversity in infrastructure and ideas. Chris would use his influence to build bridges and provide opportunities to others in this industry who were getting doors shut in their face. 

As Chris grew in the industry, he was shocked by his lack of knowledge of African-American contributions to this industry. So he decided he wanted to do something about it.  

Christopher Harris's goal is to educate the public on the accomplishments of African-Americans in the automotive industry. In addition to highlighting the past, he aims to expose underserved communities to opportunities in this industry. He believes this exposure will bring much-needed diversity to the automotive and motorsports industry. Furthermore, this diversity will bring new ideas and technology into the industry, helping the automotive world set trends instead of reacting to them. ​

Christopher Harris is a seasoned executive with an impressive track record in the motorsports industry spanning nearly a decade. He is widely recognized as the visionary behind the creation of the International Roll Racing Association (IRRA), the world's first governing body dedicated to roll racing. However, Christopher's expertise extends beyond roll racing, as he has played a pivotal role in establishing and managing other prominent sanctioning bodies, including the National Donk Racing Association (NDRA), International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), and the Manufactures Cup (Man Cup) Motorcycle Drag Racing Series. He has also worked with National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the NASCAR ARCA series.

Having successfully overseen operations at renowned motorsports facilities such as Palm Beach International Raceway and Memphis International Raceway, Christopher's leadership and strategic acumen have driven these venues to new heights of excellence. Additionally, as a race promoter, he has co-owned or managed prominent organizations like the US Drift Circuit (Drifting), DreamFest Events (Lifestyle), and TRC Street Kings Events (Drag Racing), where he not only created but also served as the race director. With an extensive portfolio of over 200 motorsports events, Christopher's expertise and experience are unparalleled.

Christopher Harris is widely regarded for his astute industry insights and forward-thinking mindset, positioning him as a highly sought-after professional in motorsports. His invaluable contributions to the SEMA Show, a premier automotive trade event, have been instrumental in fostering diversity and inclusivity within the industry. Notably, at the 2023 SEMA Show, Christopher curated an unprecedented exhibit celebrating diversity, marking a significant milestone in the event's 55-year history. Furthermore, his active participation as a driving force and a featured speaker in numerous educational seminars further emphasized the importance of diversity in the motorsports landscape. His exceptional achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him recognition from prominent national news publications and media outlets, which commend his exceptional success, innovative thinking, and meaningful contributions to the advancement of the motorsports industry.

Christopher Harris stands as a highly accomplished and influential figure in the motorsports realm, constantly pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the industry with his dedication, visionary leadership, and passion for excellence

Inspired by the Black American Racers Association.

The Black American Racers Association (BARA) was an organization founded in 1972 by Leonard W. Miller, Ron Hines, Wendell Scott, and Malcolm Durham, among other African-American motorsports enthusiasts. The purpose of the association was to support and promote the involvement of African-Americans in various forms of motorsports, including auto racing and motorcycling.


BARA played a crucial role in providing opportunities and resources for African-American drivers, mechanics, engineers, and other professionals in the racing industry. The organization aimed to break down racial barriers and increase diversity within motorsports, which historically lacked representation from minorities.

BARA was involved in numerous activities, including organizing racing events, providing financial support to African-American racers, and offering technical assistance to teams. The association also sought to create a sense of community and camaraderie among African-American racing enthusiasts and professionals.

One of the most notable achievements of BARA was the creation of the Black American Race (BAR) team, which participated in various racing series, including Formula 5000, Formula Super Vee, and the USAC Mini-Indy Championship. The team fielded cars for drivers like Benny Scott, Tommy Thompson, and Bobby Wiggins.

Although the Black American Racers Association is no longer active, its legacy remains as an important part of motorsports history. The association played a vital role in creating opportunities for African-Americans in the racing industry and laid the groundwork for future diversity initiatives, such as NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program.

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