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The AAAA Black History Month Collage

The African American Automotive Association is commemorating Black History Month by highlighting the significant contributions of African Americans to the automotive industry, celebrating both historical milestones and the ongoing achievements of Black professionals in the field.

This month-long observance serves as a platform to inspire future generations, showcasing the diverse opportunities for African American talent within the automotive sector.

The collage bellow showcases some of the many important African-Americans in our automotive history. Use this to research more about their past and/or current contributions to the automotive industry.

Black History Month Collage Index

  1. Eugene Hertrech Jr. - Automotive Culture Curator

  2. Cheryl “The Lady” Lynn Glass - Race Car Driver

  3. Tommy “Tombo” Bolton - Legendary Motorcycle Drag Racer and Builder

  4. Richard Gadson - Legendary Motorcycle Drag Racer

  5. Melanie Thomas - First African-American Woman Tire Changer in NASCAR

  6. McKinley Thompson, Jr. - First African-American Automotive Designer

  7. Ayesha Coker - Porsche VP of Marketing

  8. Rajo Jack - One of the first African-American Race car Drivers

  9. Leonard W. Miller - Motorsports Pioneer

  10. Antron Brown - First African-American to become NHRA Top Fuel Champion

  11. Linda Cash - Many Management Positions at Ford Motor Company

  12. Emeline King - First African-American Woman Designer at Ford

  13. Jame “Bubba” Smith - Legendary Supercross & Motox Champion

  14. Olabisi Boyle - VP of Product Planning & Hyundai North America

  15. Bari Musawwir - First African-American Monster Truck Driver at Monster Jam

  16. Ralph Gilles - Chief Design Officer at Stellantis

  17. Ed Welburn - Automotive Designer at General Motors

  18.  Willy T. Ribbs - First African-American to Race in the Indianapolis 500

  19. Wendell Scott - First African-American to Win a NASCAR Race

  20. C.R. Patterson -  Created the First African-American Automobile Company

  21. William Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. - First African-American to Win Multiple NASCAR Races

  22. Lewis Hamilton - Legendary Race Car Driver and Winningest Driver in Formula 1 History



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