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African American Automotive Association (AAAA) Announces New Partnership with Hidden Pioneers Organization

New York, NY 1/19/24 – The African American Automotive Association (AAAA) is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Hidden Pioneers organization. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing diversity and inclusivity within the automotive industry.

Christopher Harris, Founder of AAAA, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture: "I am excited to announce our new partnership with the Hidden Pioneers organization. Its a significant step for the African American Automotive Association towards enhancing diversity and inclusivity in the automotive industry. Often, I encounter individuals striving towards similar goals but working in isolation. This partnership changes that narrative. Our joint commitment is to educate, inspire, and actively create opportunities for diverse talents, ensuring fair representation and success in our industry. This collaboration is more than a mere alliance; it's our pledge to reshape the industry's story, driving it towards greater inclusivity and diversity."

The partnership aims to combine resources, knowledge, and networks of both organizations to create a more inclusive environment. It focuses on educating and inspiring the next generation of diverse talents, ensuring they have fair representation and the opportunity to succeed in the automotive industry.

Bill Montgomery, Founder of Hidden Pioneers, stated: “This partnership was coming sooner or later. We will combine resources and collaborate for the youth movement.  Me and Chris think alike and have the passion to do the work. We hope you will join us soon to change the Culture & Image of the Transportation & Technology Industry Nationwide” 

The African American Automotive Association and the Hidden Pioneers organization are dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating a platform where diversity is not only welcomed but also celebrated. This partnership is a testament to their commitment to reshaping the narrative of the automotive industry, driving it towards a future where inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront..

About the African American Automotive Association (AAAA):Founded by Christopher Harris, the AAAA is an organization committed to enhancing diversity and inclusivity in the automotive industry. It aims to educate, inspire, and provide opportunities for African American professionals and enthusiasts within the automotive sector. They accomplish this with events, their education curriculum and collaborative efforts. To learn more about the AAAA visit them at or email them at

About the Hidden Pioneers Organization:The Hidden Pioneers organization is dedicated to building awareness and providing opportunities in the transportation & technology industries through their prime motivation initiative. Prime Motivation has been designed around a methodology to give disconnected youth an overview of the many, varied career opportunities that await them. Incorporating live demonstrations, hands-on workshops and educational seminars from hundreds of companies and organizations, Prime Motivation informs disadvantaged audiences of their potential futures through direct "Experiences." To learn more about Hidden Pioneers email



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