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The African American Automotive Association (AAAA) spearheads efforts to diversify the automotive industry, integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that inject fresh, innovative perspectives into the market. Additionally, our educational curriculum plays a pivotal role in illuminating the numerous opportunities within the industry, especially in executive roles, thereby enriching the industry with a broader talent pool and driving forward market evolution.


We play a crucial role in introducing children to the automotive industry. Through engaging programs and activities, the AAAA provides young minds with early exposure to the vast opportunities and careers available in the automotive sector, fostering a new generation of enthusiasts and professionals.

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Our education program is a cornerstone initiative designed to raise awareness about the numerous opportunities within the automotive industry. By offering a comprehensive curriculum, the program enlightens students about the various career paths and provides a roadmap to their next step. 

African American Automotive Foundation

The African American Automotive Foundation is the 501c3 (non-profit) component of the African American Automotive Association. Funds donated will directly finance our various education programing and scholarships.


501c3 EIN: 99-1495621

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"I didn't realize this is something I could aspire to do.
There was no one I could look up to."
- Bill Lester 

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