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Maurice DuPont Returns To NHRA Drag Racing with Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Maurice DuPont, who last competed in 1992, made his return to Top Fuel after a 30-year hiatus. He returned to racing at last weekend’s Auto Club NHRA Finals. DuPont, 60, relicensed last week at Tucson Dragway in Arizona.

DuPont’s return finds him piloting the dragster owned by Scott Palmer, and supported by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr., who already owns a NASCAR team named The Money Team Racing.

This won’t be one and done for Maurice DuPont. He will start racing with his son Kendrick as a two-car team, and part of his 5-year plan highlights growing to include a funny car and a pro-stock motorcycle.

Maurice DuPont and Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s TMT Racing look to use their platform to provide opportunities in racing to underserved demographics

Bigger Than Moe

This new venture with Maurice DuPont is about providing exposure and opportunities to communities who don’t have access to drag racing. In an interview with the NHRA, DuPont explained his future plans.

“I’m trying to create a pilot program to bring underprivileged kids to the sport, that can’t afford it, and through the foundations I’m working with, we will be able to do that.”

Pathway to The Future

DuPont recently attended Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School to obtain his NHRA license – just as he had done in the 1990s – and loved how the school is taught. Maurice is partnering with Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing school to provide a pathway to aspiring drag racers.

“Everyone who comes under me, I’m going to bring to the school, and make them take those steps to get to the next level.”

After a few years DuPont plans on getting out of the driver’s seat once again, but transitioning to the owner side of the sport while managing the racing and youth programs.



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